Eng. Khaled Habeeb Al Attar

Executive Board Member, EMMA for Peace

Middle East Regional Manager, EMMA for Peace

Founder & Chairman, GADHA Group Initiatives

Youth Committee UAE coordinator, Italy-UAE Association

Eng. Khaled Habeeb Alattar is the Executive Board Member and Middle East Regional Manager of EMMA for Peace or the Euro-Mediterranean Music Academy for Peace, one of the biggest international organizations dealing with music diplomacy, education and peace in collaboration with the UN organizations, such as the UNICEF and UNHCR. With EMMA, Eng. Alattar has been involved in organizing some of the most important international events such as the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates for two consecutive years in addition to various workshops and events around the world.


Eng. Alattar is also the Founder and Chairman of GADHA Group Initiatives, a non-profit organization designed to serve the community through the use of human talent and youth empowerment.


In addition, Eng. Alattar was elected as the Youth Committee UAE Coordinator for the Italy-UAE Association, where he works with young entrepreneurs of both countries by creating a bridge of business and cultural exchange in order to maximize their business opportunities and exposure. Furthermore, Eng. Alattar is also a Mechanical Engineering Faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technology.


Despite his young age, Eng. Alattar has always been active and has possessed a keen sight for humanitarian services and serving the community, especially by working with youth both nationally and globally. He started his career in 2003, at the young age of 15 through organizing a series volunteer activities which served various fields of his interest. After 12 years, at the age of 27, Eng. Alattar’s impressive effort has led him to being awarded over 345 times for organizing more than 82 events for youth and community, conducting 34 workshops, teaching more than 1600 students in leadership, innovation, literature, and culture, and being the founder of 11 youth groups.










Khaled Habeeb, is a leading young Emirati with a vision to improve youth leadership, culture and humanity services to serve the community, country and the world. He spent his life investing in youth by starting his career in 2003 at the age of 16 with a series of cultural events and volunteer activities.


And after 11 years, at the age of 27, Khaled has been awarded over 338 times for organizing more than 78 events, 30 workshops, teaching more than 540 leadership and culture students and being a founder of 10 youth groups. 


In 2014, Khaled was appointed as the board member and the Middle East Regional Manager of one of the biggest Music and peace making organizations named as Emma for peace "Euro-Mediterranean Music Academy for peace." In two years, with Khaled's leadership began a new international era of involvement in organizing some of the most important international events such as the World Summit of Nobel Peace laureates for two consecutive years, many events, and workshops around the world. Since 2015, Khaled is EMMA for Peace youngest Executive Board Member.